Volunteer Programs Frequently Asked Questions

HOW can I volunteer with LAST?

To become a volunteer, you simply need to make a reservation, let us know in which project you would like to volunteer and sign up online. Please use the registration form found here. Should you be interested in making your Internship with us, click on Internship and read the requirements. We will be very happy to have you as a part of our conservation and research teams!

WHEN is the best time to volunteer?

Minumum participation time is one week. Both our projects (Pacuare and Osa) are happy to welcome you all year round. At the Caribbean Pacuare project, sea turtle work depends on nesting seasons. From March - October you have the chance to work with nesting turtles and to observe the babies hatch (usually from May to November). Volunteers who want to participate during November - February will support our project with maintenance work at the station, beach clean-ups and beach preparation for turtle season, hatchery construction, inventory, etc. to keep the project station and our surroundings in good shape.

In our Osa in-water project, we are working with foraging turtles which are residents in the Golfo Dulce. So you can come and help us study turtles and protect their habitat all year round.

How can I check the availability?
Write to our volunteer coordinator: volunteers@latinamericanseaturtles.com

What are the working times?
It depends on the project. At Pacuare, expect to patrol at night, in Osa expect to work throughout the day. Working hours can be irregular, depending on needs, tides and weather. Generally is will be between 6 and 9 hours per day

Do I have to speak Spanish to participate?
No, but it helps to communicate with your host families and locals.

Are flights included?

Do I need a medical insurance to participate?
Yes. This is mandatory. You will be asked to supply a copy of your medical insurance information prior to departure to the project. We prefer paper free, so send it to us via email :)

Do I need any other insurance to participate?
No. However, we recommend you to have a personal belongings' insurance.

Do I need a special visa to work with you?

Is there a chance of getting Malaria or Dengue?
There is no Malaria where we work, though there is a risk of Dengue in Costa Rica.

How do I pay for the stay?
You can pay through international wire (you will have to add the bank transfer costs additionally which are around $25) or pay in cash at the office at the time of your project introduction.