Volunteer Programs Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to become a RA, do I need special qualifications?
No, but it is good to have experience in the field work, knowledge about sea turtles, experience being in the tropics.

Do I get paid or do I have to pay as a RA?
You don't get paid but would have to pay either US$0, US$ 5$ or US$10/night (but please be aware that even $10/night would not cover the expenses of training, food and lodging).

We also have to ask for a deposit of US$200 because we invest a lot of time, training and money in our RA's, then before you leave you will receive your deposit back

Is food provided for RA’s?
Food, coffee, tea and drinking water is provided

Do I get a certification for my work?
Yes and you can also get a letter of recommendation

Do I sleep in private room?
No, all dormitories are shared by the RA´s. You will not share room with regular volunteers and different genders.